The transport of infants is always a special challenge. In addition to the supply of heat and intensive medical options, the transport should of course also be carried out safely, gently and quickly. While in recent years the focus of transport safety has been more focused on users and devices, the revision of the DIN EN 13976-2:2018 standard finally clearly regulates the safety of the child to be transported.

A retention system in the transport incubator is prescribed that, on the one hand, the infant‘s ability to move is restricted in such a way that, in the event of an impact with the hood or any rigid part of the incubator, taking into account the prescribed load (max. 20 G) there is no injury.

On the other hand, it must be ensured that direct access to the infant is maintained in the event of an emergency or deterioration in the condition.

Embrace solves these particular challenges in a simple way. The transport safety system has been developed for children up to 3.900 grams.

Embrace protects the infant from strong brakes, curves and impact situations of any kind. It consists of a formable
vacuum mattress and a soft disposable flow cover with safety net.

The lateral Quick-Lock closures ensure the best pressure distribution over the entire restraint system and quick
access to the patient.

Due to the individual adaptability of the system to the infant, problem areas such as the head, extremities, etc. can be optimally secured.

• Embrace is easy to use
• Embrace can be used for babies up to 3.900 grams
• Embrace is tested and approved for forces up to 20 G. So it complies with DIN EN 13976-2:2018
• The system can be used in any transport incubator according to previous adaptation to be integrated by
   the manufacturer
• Embrace is mounted on a flat surface using existing mounting devices with special mounting material
• Embrace may only be used by trained and certified medical staff



Order Information

Product Description VPE Art.-No.

Embrace Base Plate for Atom V-808 transcapsule

1 pcs.


Embrace Base Plate for Dräger TI-500

1 pcs.


Embrace vacuum mattress reusable (for safety reasons, the mattress must be replaced every 24 months)

1 pcs.


Embrace disposable cover for vacuum mattress with fastening clips and restraining net

10 pcs./box


One-hand vacuum pump for Embrace vacuum mattress

1 pcs.


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