Anyone who has cared for children during phototherapy knows the situation: the children are restless and constantly slipping the eye protection. The eyes of the children are endangered! At the same time, the head is an important irradiation area - it has a large surface and can effectively support the degradation of bilirubin.

The solution to this problem is simple: biliSAVE®.
The special Y-design of the straps ensures that the eye protection fits permanently, safely and comfortably on the child‘s head. The soft breathable material and the grip tabs allow for easy adjustment and, except for the light-tight eye pads, are permeable to radiation.

The Velcro fasteners can be adjusted individually - Glue points on the child‘s head are no longer necessary! This is how biliSAVE® adapts to any shape of the head and, in addition to effectively protecting the eyes, ensures the greatest possible irradiation surface. biliSAVE® is latex-free.

• patented, breathable material minimizes the risk of skin irritation
• latex-free
• highest wearing comfort - soft and cuddly on the head of the child
• light-tight eye pads made of 100% cotton with black and blue connective tissue
• save adhere, non- dab on Velcro fastener made of nylon


Order Information

Product Description Art.-No.

Eye protector biliSAVE®, micro size for head circumference 20 - 28cm, Box of 50


Eye protector biliSAVE®, premature size for head circumference 24 - 33cm, Box of 50


Eye protector biliSAVE®, regular size for head circumference 30 - 38cm, Box of 50


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