In-House-Transportation - InHoTrans™

In the area of neonatology, the central focus nowadays is on aspects of developmental
care. In addition to a wide variety of special forms of therapy, keeping small patients away
from any repositioning while they are being transported from the delivery room
to the NICU, operating room or other examinations is an essential factor for reducing
stressful situations. Furthermore, innovative transport concepts help save on personal and
material resources. InHoTrans™ is the flexible transport concept for every range of application
and every kind of patient.

The configuration of the fully flexible basic system can be customized any way you like –
from a simple transport system with gas supply to a complex intensive care transfer system
with HFOV artificial respiration, NO application or ECMO. The universal EasyClick docking
mechanism fits any incubator or warming and toddler beds that have a standard rail (25 x
10 mm). Various adapter systems make it possible to connect toddler beds as well as Stiegelmeyer
or Hill-Rom beds for adults. The system is easy to maneuver, saves a lot of space
and is connected to the therapy work station via a simple hand grip.

The option of a connection on the front between the shuttle and therapy work station simplifies
the work flow at the NICU/PICU/ICU and makes it possible to carry out internal transports
easily and efficiently.


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